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May/June 2023 issue
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Damian Bird To commission him or to request prints of his work: Damian Bird (born London, 1972) is a photographer, photojournalist and lecturer with many years of experience, working in war zones and trouble spots around the globe. He was educated at Canford School and in Photography at the Surrey College of Art and Design and at the London College of Communication where he studied for a post graduate degree in Photojournalism. In 2011 he founded Life Force magazine with his business partner and wife of 20 years, Alice. As well as Editing Life Force magazine, he is currently engaged in photographing a series of photo-essays on English culture and has recently returned to Afghanistan. His first book Seabird was released in November 2017 his latest book is due to be release at the end of 2019.
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He continues to have his work published in national and international newspapers and magazines including The Times, the Telegraph, the Express, the Observer, GQ, Esquire, Daily Mail, Dazed & Confused, The Face, Country Life, Coast and Geographical magazine. He lives in Devon, England with his wife, four children and his five dachshunds: Jessie, Rosie, Ted, Dot and Daffodil.
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Ethan Bird To commission him or to request prints of his work: Born in Dorset, England in 2004, Ethan Bird is currently studying for a BA degree in Photography.
Jeremy Hammond To contact him, and to see the complete library, visit:
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Jeremy Hammond is an English writer and photographer based in the UK, but with an absolute fascination with, and fanaticism for, the history and progression, of the United States of America. He has travelled widely, through Europe, India, China, Southeast Asia and Australia, but most extensively in North America.
Jerry N Uelsmann
American photographer Jerry N. Uelsmann (1934–2022) was a seminalfigure in photo history. Uelsmann catalyzed the transfer from modernist to post-modern photography with his at the time controversial photo montages and double exposures. Decades before the birth of digital image editing programs like Photoshop, Uelsmann created photo montages by combining several negatives in the darkroom. He started to create his surreal, spiritual, and thought-provoking images in the late 1950s and continued to produce them, completely analog, throughout his life.
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Nicholas Blair To commission him or to request prints of his work:
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Nicholas Blair dropped out of high school in 1974 and left his native New York City to hitchhikethrough Latin America. Landing in San Francisco a year later, he helped found The Modern Lovers arts commune and Ancient Currents Gallery, both dedicated to cultural exploration. In 1981, he received his MFA in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute under the tutelage of renowned photographer and teacher Henry “Hank” Wessel. Blair has worked internationally as a photographer and cinematographer for organizations including CARE and the United Nations. His filmmaking projects include the documentaries America’s Culture of Crash, and Our Holocaust Vacation. He has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, New York Foundation for the Arts, and Jerome Foundation. His photographs are in the collections of the Metropolitan
Museum of Art, International Center of Photography, Brooklyn Museum, and Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris.
In the late seventies and early eighties, he worked as lighting crew, and later designer, for many top-named British bands, these assignments taking him through Europe, also to Japan, and back again to the USA. He has worked as a cruise-ship photographer, in office and store design, database design, visual arts book publishing, and as a London-based freelance photographer, specialising in interiors and architecture.