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September/October 2023 issue
Burt Glinn
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Burt Glinn. Half a Century as a Magnum Photographer celebrates the compelling, elegant, and expressive ways Burt Glinn experienced the world through photography. Highlighting his extraordinary talent for picturing iconic and everyday scenes from the second half of the 20th century, this is the first monograph covering the breadth of Glinn's storied career. “I remember Burt’s wit and his lopsided grin when he told stories, which was a lot. He loved fine things, especially clothes. He had big opinions, high expectations, and an incredible grasp of the narrative, technical, and administrative aspects of photography. [...] For more than half a century, Burt covered it all: conflict, celebrities, wildlife, science, corporations, travel, society, culture. Yet, looking through his archive, his interests clearly emerge. The chapters in this book present five themes Burt returned to again and again.” From the Introduction by Sarah Stacke
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