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November/December 2023 issue
Cash For Gold
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by Ethan Bird
Union Street, Newton Abbot, Devon. November 2023
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London born and bred, 97 year old George Gillman fought in the Korean war, before moving to Devon for a quieter life and to start his antique shop. Since the 1950s, The Attic in Newton Abbot has stocked a burgeoning array of antiques and collectables; everything and anything from paintings and medals to drum kits and old records. The mainstay of George’s business, however, is the buying and selling of old gold. Dealing in gold, although lucrative, has its risks. In 2014 when George was 86, he was held at knifepoint by an intruder who escpaed with £12,000 worth of rings and £500 from his till. This setback never made him want to retire though; something George says he will never do. The shop is his whole life.