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May/June 2023 issue
In Search of Small-Town America
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by Jeremy Hammond
In Search of Small-Town America – ‘Fifty States in Fifty Weeks’ by British writer and photographer, Jeremy Hammond – is a year-long exploration, documenting the many factors at work, transforming many of North America’s smaller communities. Although it alludes primarily to the lamentable demise apparent in much of 'Small- Town America', it is also a positive testament to those towns that are surviving the onslaught of mechanisation, technology and 'Big Business'. Published in seventeen volumes, the work is a collection of around 2,400 original photographs, and over 340,000 words. It is in no way intended as an authoritative work, or a ‘Guide-Book’, and although focussed primarily on small-town culture, it is very much a random, and personal view. It includes a variety of incidental observations, societal, media and political comment, and carefully considered insight. Often related with caustically casual humour, it’s an occasionally flippant, but always informed view, of an iconic part of the wide American landscape.
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Bowman, ND. 2006
Claunch, NM. 2006
Crookston, MN. 2006
Denmark, SC. 2006
Dover, DE. 2006
Grand Rapids, MN. 2006
Kiowa, CO. 2007
Madelia, MN. 2006
Ocean City, MD. 2006
Berlin, MD. 2006
Shaefferstown, PA. 2006
Sheldon, IA. 2006
Truth or Consequences, NM. 2006
Union City, PA. 2006
Ware, MA. 2006