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August 2017 issue
Dough Portraits
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
by Soren Dahlgaard
As human beings, we look to facial expressions on our fellow man to enable us to judge them, to assertain their mood. This is never more true than in portraiture. In Dough Portraits, however, the faces are hidden and replaced instead by slow- flowing lumps of dough which ooze down over the heads of the subjects, concealing any clues we might have to the true nature of the person below. And yet, the human mind likes to find faces in inanimate objects.  If we look long enough into the dough portraits, we start to begin to see jowls, noses, frowns maybe, even happiness or sadness; something which starts to tell us about the real characters of the people underneath.
Annilina, KIASMA, Helsinki 2012.
Carolin KIASMA Helsinki 2012.
Holm Family, Esbjerg, 2012.
Fishshop, Gwangju, Korea 2012.
Hollister. Gwangju, Korea, 2012.
Ismail, Maldives, 2011.
Jan, 2008.
Karen, 2008.
Karina, 2008.
Karoline, 2008.
Katja KIASMA Helsinki 2012.
Katrine, 2008.
Maija, KIASMA, Helsinki, 2012.
Majbritt Løland & famaily, Randers Kunstmuseum 2014.
Pete, KIASMA, Helsinki 2012.
Saara, KIASMA, Helsinki 2012.
Spinachman, Gwangju, Korea , 2012.
Tanja, 2008.
Yosuf, Maldives 2011.
The Glare, Lianzhou Kina 2013.
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