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August 2017 issue
Under One Sky
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
by Margo Davis
For Margo Davis, Under One Sky is the culmination of over three decades of photography. With a compassionate eye, Davis has selected faces from a wide variety of ethnic groups as a way for her photographs to speak, to express hope for the future of humankind. Within the covers of this book she has gathered ordinary people, honored their dignity as individuals, and created a collective portrait of a global human family. This series of portraits, with a few exceptions, bear witness to the lives of rural and village people from each continent of the world. If each portrait serves as a messenger, tracing one life story from one culture, then together these particular plain folk become one story.  Portrayed side by side they form a chain of individuals who represent the survival of a civilized humanity. Together their faces symbolize universal human life, woven here in the one language all the world can read: photography.
Abashe and Grandson, Nigeria.
Baker, Italy.
Beatrice. Bahia, Brazil.
Bolans Woman, Antigua.
Carrying home mangoes.
Covered Woman, Marrakesh.
Dona Juanita and Children.
Girl with Bucket ANU.
Girl with carved birds.
Girl with flowers, Brazil.
Igako Asada, Japan.
Ladi, Nigeria.
Lami, standing, Nigeria.
Marrakchi friends.
Mbere woman, Kenya.
Mohi Santos, Polynesia.
Monk. Angkor Wat, Cambodia.
The Reverend Weston 1970.
Visiting home from Brooklyn.
Xenia, America.
Yukie, Kiyomi, Kyoko, Mina.  Japan.
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