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October 2018 issue
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
Ana Palacios To commission her or to request prints of her work: Ana Palacios is a Spanish journalist and photographer interested in human rights issues around the world. She divides her time between international film production and documentary photography, shining a light on broken corners of the world in collaboration with different NGOs. Represented by Espacio Foto, her work on cooperation in development has been published worldwise in media such as Al Jazeera, Stern, Der Spiegel The Guardian, 6 Mois, Days Japan, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, El País, Tiempo, etc. She has published three books: Albino: about the pledge of the albinos in Tanzania,
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Tadashi Onishi To commission him or to request prints of his work: Born in 1973 Tokyo, Japan. Photographing the cityscape and street life combined with social nature to find common ground between the street and documentary photography in Tokyo.
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Michael Kenna To commission him or to request prints of his work: Born 1953 in Widnes, Lancashire, England Currently lives in Seattle, Washington, USA 1973-76, London College of Printing, London, England 1972-73, Banbury School of Art, Banbury, Oxfordshire, England 1964-72, St Joseph's College, Upholland, Lancashire, England
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Mike Seaborne To commission him or to request prints of his work: Mike Seaborne has been photographing London since 1979. He was Senior Curator of Photographs at the Museum of London until 2011 and now focuses on personal photographic projects.
Debarshi Mukherjee To commission him or to request prints of his work:   email A highly observant, persistent and proficient photographer with more than 5 years of experience. He was acknowledged with Artiste FIAP, Honorary PESGSPC, BEPSS and Honorary. FSAP distinctions for his photographic achievements. He is a life member of the “Federation of Indian Photography”, the national photography body in India. His phenomenal eye for unique portrayal of life and surroundings have won him global recognition across 40 countries that includes, India, Serbia, UK, Singapore, Romania, Scotland, Wales, Turkey, Switzerland, Russia, Hong Kong, Austria, Ukraine, Czech Republic, China and many more. He is competent in capturing high- quality, aesthetically astounding photographs that display his confidence and professionalism at all times. He loves to explore genres of Human Interest, Photojournalism, Environment, Street and documentary styles.
Chris Dade To commission Him or to request prints of his work: Chris studied photography at degree level in The University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, with a focus on children and human rights. As he became more passionate about this work, he naturally evolved into doing direct work within NGOs in advocacy and empowerment. He continues to work as both a photographer and a rights worker.His photography focuses on human rights, using the camera as a tool for empowerment to promote positive change and to challenge stereotypes. Currently, he is developing a platform for "Peace Photographers" to balance out the media focus on stories of war and social deprivation by instead depicting stories of resolution, forgiveness and possibility. He states: "These media images become narratives of our lives, both for the photographer and the viewer. By also focusing on the positive, this gives us a new narrative of hope and possibility for a more evolved humanity." He works globally for NGOs and as a freelance photographer.
Stephen McLaren To commission him or to request prints of his work: Stephen McLaren is a photographer, writer and curator specialising in documentary photography. He co-wrote the best-selling Thames & Hudson book Street Photography Now among other titles. Born in Scotland and now based in Los Angeles, McLaren has exhibited his own work numerous times in the UK and has curated exhibitions in LA and San Francisco
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Alex Coghe To commission him or to request prints of his work: Alex Coghe is a photojournalist currently based in Mexico. In 2013 he worked on assignment for Leica Camera AG, realizing the documentary project “People of Chapultepec” published worldwide in the Leica X brochure. His work in Mexico is focused on the documentation of human conditions in the barrios, popular neighborhoods of Mexico City and he collaborates with some NGO in Oaxaca. Recently he was speaker in Orvieto 2018, event organized by FIOF.
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Art in Movement: about the art as a social change in Uganda and “Slave children: The back door” that describes the rescue and reinsertion process of trafficked children in West Africa.
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Charles H Traub To commission him or to request prints of his work: Charles H. Traub was born in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1945. He studied at the  University of Illinois and joined the Peace Corps after graduation but was forced to  return home due to an injury. Back in Kentucky, he met Ralph Eugene Meatyard, the  most important creative photographer in town. Meatyard became a very important  inspiration for Traub, who decided to pursue photography at the Institute of Design  in Chicago. He primarily studied with Aaron Siskind, who became his mentor and  lifelong friend. After completing his graduate studies in 1971, Traub made three  well-known series of black and white photographs in Chicago: Beach, Street, and  Parties. In 1976 he began his first major body of color work, Street Portraits, which  he continued after moving to New York City in 1978. For the past four decades, he  has worked exclusively in color and was an early proponent of digital imagery.  Traub is co-founder of here is new york: a democracy of photographs, which 
received the Brendan Gill Award and the ICP Cornell Capa Infinity Award. He has had many one-person exhibitions in major galleries and museums throughout the world and his work is held by many important collections.  Throughout his career, Traub has dedicated himself to photographic education.  From 1971 to 1978, he was instrumental in the founding of the photography  department at Columbia College in Chicago, which is now the Museum of  Contemporary Photography, additionally he was the director of LIGHT gallery in  New York, in the late 1970s and for the past 25 years was the president of the  Aaron Siskind Foundation. He is the founding chair of the MFA Photography, Video,  and Related Media Department at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and has  been chairperson for the past 25 years.    Recent books include: ​ Dolce Via: Italy in the 1980s (2014), ​ Vision Anew ​ (2015),  Lunchtime  ​(2015), ​ No Perfect Heroes: Photographing Grant ​ (2016).
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Paul Weinberg To commission him or to request prints of his work: Paul Weinberg is a South African-born documentary photographer, filmmaker, writer, curator, educationist and archivist. He began his career in the early 1980s by working for South African NGOs, and photographing current events for news agencies and foreign newspapers. He was a founder member of Afrapix and South, the collective photo agencies that gained local and international recognition for their uncompromising role in documenting apartheid, and popular resistance to it. From 1990 onwards he increasingly concentrated on feature rather than news photography. Weinberg has built up a large body of work which portrays diverse peoples, cultures, and human environments ‘beyond the headlines’. It demonstrates a sustained
engagement with indigenous people throughout southern Africa, particularly in rural settings. His images have been widely exhibited and published, both locally and abroad. He has also initiated several major photographic projects, notably Then & Now, a collection of contrasting images by eight South African photographers taken during and after apartheid, which is travelling the world. In 1993 Weinberg won the Mother Jones International Documentary Award for his portayal of the fisherfolk of Kosi Bay on South Africa’s northern Natal coast. He has taught photography at the Centre of Documentary Studies at Duke University in the United States, and holds a master’s degree from the same university. He is currently senior curator of visual archives at the University of Cape Town, and lectures in documentary arts at the same university. Weinberg has founded, with David Goldblatt, the Ernest Cole Award for creative photography in southern Africa.
Rajib Singha To commission him or to request prints of his work: email Rajib Singha is a self-taught photographer and a teacher by profession who lives in   West Bengal, India. Rajib has contributed to multiple citizen journalism sites such  as Reuters Your View, Yahoo News, BBC Your View and others, along with national  news  dailies. As well, Rajib has won multiple photography competitions nationally  and  internationally.
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Terry Virts Terry W. Virts, Jr. (born December 1, 1967) is a former NASA astronaut, and Colonel in the United States Air Force.