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The magazine of the photo-essay
April 2017 issue
November 2015 The Forgotten, Ukraine by THOMAS DE WOUTERS Chinese Opera Season by JEREMY HORNER and Memoirs by JOHN JOCHIMSEN The World’s Fastest Place by ALEXANDRA LIER Underground Wrestling by PAVEL VOLKOV and Unseen London by PETER DAZELEY Frontcountry by LUCAS FOGLIA and Night Walk by KEN SCHLES Playground by JAMES MOLLISON andMalaria PNG by WILLIAM DAVIES Fences & Forces, India by SHIB SHANKAR CHATTERJEE Minjerribah: an infared journey by STEVEN SAPHORE Ruin by BRIAN VANDEN BRINK and Nuclear Samurai by THOM DAVIES Black Kingdom by BRIAN GRIFFIN amd Bonfire Societies by PATRICK WARD
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December 2015 Repton vs the USA by DAMIAN BIRD and Growing on Darkness by MARIO MACILAU The Rohingya, SAiling Season by ROBERT YOUNG PELTON Cuba by ANNA MIA DAVIDSON and Embed in Egypt by EMINE GOZDE SEVIM County Show Characters by DAMIAN BIRD and La Famille by ALAIN LABOILE Country Limit by RONAN GUILLOU and Urban Mood by AMLAN BISWAS Skater by NIKKI TOOLE and Unposed by CRAIG SEMETKO Hope by PATRICK BROWN and Sleeping in Varanasi by AYAN MUKHERJEE Children of the Clouds by NACHO HERNANDEZ Empty Box by ALESSANDRO IOVINO and Iconic by BRIAN VANDEN BRINK Boz Salkyn by KRYSZTOF PERZGALSKI
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January 2016 Generation AK by STEPHEN DUPONT and Hunting with Hounds by DAMIAN BIRD The Troubles by Sean Hillen and Around the World in 92 Minutes by CHRIS HADFIELD Omo: Change in the Valley by MATILDA TEMPERLEY The Wisdom of Brazil by DOUG MENUEZ and Mother & Father by Paddy Summerfield Tough & Tender by SHEILA ROCK and  Urbis et Orbis by DIMITRI MELLOS Racetime Ascot by MARIO MARINO and  Cuba Journeys by CHARLES FIELDS Public Disorder in Paris by Sean Hawkey  and A Journey through Iran by OMID SALEHI Order in a Chaotic World by DAVID MALLIN The Long Paddock by ANDREW CHAPMAN The Idea of Cuba by Alex Harris and North Philadelphia Revisted by DANIEL TRAUB
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February 2016 WILLIAM ALBERT ALLARD - Five Decades: a memoir and retrospective DAMIAN BIRD - Journey into the Earth's Crust and GEORGE WEBBER Hutterite Colony JAMES FENNELL - Vanishing Ireland. and KEVIN BUBRISKI - Nepal DUFFY - David Bowie and MONIDIPTA SAHA - Submerged CLIVE ARROWSMITH - Fashion & Beauty and LINCOLN CLARKES - Heroines JESSE RIESER - Chistmas in America and BEAT PRESSER - Surabaya Beat GEORGE HOLZ - Hollywood and HENK VAN RENBERGEN - Abandoned Places JONATHAN GRIFFITHS - Alpine Exposures and LEE CRAKER JOYDEEP MUKHERJEE - Dump Yard, Bengal and ROBERT HERMAN XAVIER ZIMBARDO - The Angels of Ghost Street and SCARLET PAGE
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“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film & documentary maker
March 2016 Travel’ AIR by Mindaugas Kavaliauskas and Britain's Oldest Mine by Damian Bird Femicide in Guatemala by Walter Astrada and Comuna 13, Colombia by Frederico Rios Momento by George S Zimbel and Undying Inspiration by Santanu Dey London's East End 1959-1982 by John Claridge and Outback Mail Run by Tim Whitby Time of the Gypsies by Mario Marino and Speakers’ Corner by Philip Wolmuth The British Love Affair with Fish & Chips by Damian Bird James Hunt: Girls, Beer & Victory by David Phipps Ghetto Tarot by Alice Smeets and Marching Bands by Jules Allen On the Road by Boris Nemeth and Eternal Light Community Singers by Arlene Gottfried A Motorcycle Journey Around the World by Walter Astrada All You Can Lose is Your Heart by KayLynn Deveney
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April 2016 Calais Jungle by Aron Klein and Britain's Last Coal Mine by Damian Bird At Water’s Edge by Paul Blackmore and Inside the Wire by Bruce Jackson What’s Going On? by Ken Light and Riding with the Dirty Dozen by Patrick Ward Paradise Cafe by Josef Schulz and The Cost of Power in China by Steven Benson Men at Work, India by Amlan Sanyal and Touching Strangers by Richard Renaldi Me & Ma by Probal Banerjee and Ironworkers by Jamey Stillings The Day After the Paris Attacks by Alfredo Chiarappa Lost in Transit by Olga Karlovac and UAE by Vidhyaa The Two World’s of Reymond Mapakata by Sam Wolson The Un-Cinderella Men by Kanishka Mukherji and My Year with Muhammad Ali by Michael Gaffney
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May 2016 The Documentary Impulse by Stuart Franklin and Living in Aleppo by Txomin Txueka Dog Fight Armenia by Anahit Hayrapetya and Behind the Great Wall by Willem Wernsen Earthquake Nepal by Omar Havana and Mass, Rush & Prayer Bangladesh by Arka Dutta The Life & Times of Strider Wolf by Jessica Rinaldi, Oil Rush Myanmar by Arthur Nazaryan Kolkata Flyover Collapse by Debiprasad Mukherjee and Bull Fighter by Alex Quesada Kolkata Flyover by Indranil Banerjee and Old News: Resurrection City by Jill Freedman The Other Side to Eritrea by Stefan Boness and Farewell to Monty by Nat Wilkins U.S. Marshalls by Brian Finke and Breaking Stones by Terry O’Neill Skid Row Downtown LA by Desiree Van Hoek and Black Snow by Joan Bardeletti
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June 2016 The Survivors by GMB Akash and Ted: The Whelker by Damian Bird Rural Moments by Rui Pires and The Stamp of Loneliness by Nazik Armenakya Barry & Jo by Jadwiga Bronte and Black World by Erberto Zani Dog Pageant by Sophie Gamand and Some Kind of Divine by Ruth Kaplan Post Katrina by Julie Dermansky and Los Agarradores by Miguel Proenca Beauty in Hell by Tony Corocher and Peace Signs by Edward Barber Viva Europa Viva by Jurgen Schadeberg Water as a Landscape Archtitect by Bernhard Edmaier Backstage with the Stones by Gered Mankowitz Former Synagogues Ukraine by Johanna Diehl The Soul of Myanmar by Albert Normandin and Fleeting Moments Japan by Stefan Boness
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July 2016 Fleeing for Life: Syrian Refugees in Istanbul by Turjoy Chowdhury   Sea Hunter by Damian Bird and Inhabitants of the Empty, Armenia by Yulia Grigoryants                            TransCuba by Mariette Pathy Allen and Invisible People of Belarus by Jadwiga Bronte                                                     Sleeping with the Devil by Aaron Vincent Elkaim and Portraits by William Eggleston                                                                                      A World in Distress by Weinert Brothers and Water World Bangladesh by Jashim Salam                                                                   Twickenham: the Home of Rugby by Francesco Ragazzi                                               Bhopal: Second Disaster by Alex Masi and Lives of Our Time by Rachel Molina                                                                             Cancer Valley by Julie Dermansky andJialing River by Douglas Hook                                                                            Brick Kiln, Kolkata by Akash Ganguly and Forgotten People by Danny Alveal Aravena                                              Traces of the Soviet Empire by Eric Lusito and Of One and the Other by Jayanti Seiler
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August 2016 Lesvos to Berlin by Giles Duley and Dorset’s Oldest Fisherman by Damian Bird Living Like This by Daniel Meadows and Small Town Footbal, Wisconsin by Alyssa Schukar A Serbian Limbo by Gianfranco Gallucci and 100 Years of Indian Cinema by Nilandri Adhikary Maison Close, Geneva by Ana Pollard and End of the Road, Bhutan by AJ Heath Surviving Dreams by Andrew Esiebo and Irish Tinkers by Janine Wiedel Daybreak in Myanmar by Geoffrey Hiller and City of Mines by Anderson & Low A Story of Faith, India by Siddhartha Banerjee and Asylum of the Birds by Roger Ballen Asmara, Eritrea by Stefan Boness and Tony the Wounded Soldier by Jan-Joseph Stok Faces of the Middle East by Hermoine Macura and Perspective is Everything by Keoki Flagg
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September 2016 Afghanistan: Between Hope and Fear by Paula Bronstein Aubrey Netter by Damian Bird and Coney Island, 40 Years by Harvey Stein Aleppo, City of Chaos by Yusuke Suzuki and The Cuban Habit by Carolina Sandretto Pastoral Herders by Brian Hodges and Crossing the Congo by Charlie Hatch-Barnwell Travellers’ Children, London Fields by Colin O’Brien and Journeys by Julian Bound Life in a Harbour, India by Lopamudra Talukdar and Cars by Langdon Clay Mingong: The Persuit of Happiness by Wolfgang Muller Between Spaces by Garry Loughlin and (My) Afghanistan by Andrea Taurisano Rock Against Racism by Syd Shelton and Work by Fabien Dupoux Tales of Loneliess and Abandonment by Dale O’Dell and Living Diversity by Lloyd Wolf
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October 2016 Profession: Reporters by Veronique de Viguerie and Donald Netting by Damian Bird War Landscapes by Alfredo Macchi and Duro de Morir by Sharon Castellanos Tuesta The Last Vintage American Car by Monia Lippi and Mediterranean by Nick Hannes Salt of the Earth by Mikel Landa and Luke Duggleby and Seminal Work by Ross Halfin Looking for Marshall LcLuhan, Afghanistan by Rita Leistner Purple Hearts, Back from Iraq by Nina Berman and Doctor’s Work by Ted Grant The Bede People of Bangladesh by Rash Oyshe and Amish Country by Tim Miles Why Do We Love to Hate North Korea? by Sean Hawkey  and The Cost of Power, Cambodia by Georgio Taraschi Eva: Gender Dysphoria by Willeke Duijvekam and Jethal: Village of Recovery by Julian Bound The Oxford Pictures 1968 - 1978 by Paddy Summerfield
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November 2016 Beeton Grove by Chris Hunt and Trawling in High Seas by Damian Bird America 101 by Arthur Grace and Shot! by Kathy Shorr Cuba: a Grace of Spirit by Peter Turnley and Concealed: She’s Got a Gun by Shelley Calton Joe’s Junk Yard by Lisa Kereszi and Palm Springs: the Good Life Goes On by Nancy Baron Up Close by Tom Parsons and Karaba Brick Quarry, Burkina Faso by David Pace Strive Challenge, Sam Branson and Main Street, Small Town America by Leslie Hall Brown Plato’s Dogs by Thomas Roma and Giancarlo Roma Inside Whicker’s World by Valerie Kleeman and London Uncovered by Peter Dazeley Fleeing Death by Szymon Barylski and Gentlemen by Karen Knorr
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December 2016 Like a Thief’s Dream by Danny Lyon and Being Irish by Claude le Gall Jamie, Netting by Damian Bird and Newborn Europeans by Thomas de Wouters The Making of Tefilllin by Dror Garti and Hunting with Hounds by Homer Sykes Skid Row by Suzanne Stein and Children Behind the Lens by Martin Elkort Tsaatan & Mongolian People by Madoka Ikegami and The Cubans by Jay Seldin Circus by Akis Detsis and Ramos Bros Circus by Markku Lahdesmaki Mars on earth by Cassandra Klos and Bypassed by Nick St Oegger Holi of Hope by Arka Dutta and 7 Rooms by Rafal Milach Black Mambas by Julia Gunther Simply a Line: no-mans land between Bulgaria & Turkey by Vesselina Nikolaeva
January 2017 The North by John Bulmer and David Sales: Fishing at 80 by Damian Bird Living in Brittany by Claude le Gall and Oval Racing UK by Dan Giannopoulos Brazil: the Beautiful Game by Christopher Pillitz and Kathmandu, Nepal by Peter Voss The Big Dig by Michael Hintlian and Child Miners, Bolivia by Ronald Patrick Priests and Pilgrims of Ethiopia by Christopher Roche Banaras: Holy City by Christopher Roche and North Korea by Xiomara Bender The Man in the Heart of America by Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski The Sex Workers of South Asia by Thomas Kelly and Why Drag? by Magnus Hastings Nasa Ancient Warriors vs the Colombian Conflict by Joana Toro Mora The Brooklyn Navy Yard by John Bartelstone and 1000 Year Floods by Julie Dermansky Wurstelprater: The World’s Oldest Amusement Park by Frank Robert
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February 2017 When Ukraine is No Longer Ukraine by Ioana Moldovan Donald. West Bay, Dorset by Damian Bird and Mile O’ Mud by Malcolm Lightner Trouble in Paradise. Cuba by Marylise Vigneau Dinka by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher and Cardiff After Dark by Maciej Dakowicz Township by Anne Rearick and Wunderland by Frank Kunert Geordieland by Claude le Gall and Shipbreak by Claudio Cambon The American Dream by Emmanuel George and Eternal Light by Kim Verkade Ahead with the Past by Jutta Benzenberg and The Mark of Abel by Lydia Panas Stages of Decay by Julia Solis and Infinite Light by Marissa Roth Epic Gamers of Israel by Dror Garti and Voyage Éthéré by Alexandre Deschaumes
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March 2017 Fearless Genius, Silicon Valley by Doug Menuez Stranded, Nepal by Szymon Barylski and John, Scallop Diver by Damian Bird Birth is a Dream, Sub-Saharan Africa by Paolo Patruno Small City Life, America by Nicholas Gervin and Skate the World by Jonathan Mehring Gays in the Military by Vincent Cianni and The Brides of Iravan by Vidhyaa People of the Blood by George Webber and Yoga by Michael O’Neill The Landfill Workers of Central America by David W Lynch The Other Side of the Brick, Poland by Arkadiusz Gola Alp by Olaf Unverzart  and Poland by Claude le Gall The Hour of Serendipity by Kanishka Mukherji When War is Over by Daniel Alexander and 36 Golden Rules by Christopher Thomas Metro: Scenes from an Urban Stage by Stan Raucher
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