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November 2019 issue
London Underground1970 - 1980
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Back in the 1970s, when it was still acceptable to talk, kiss and even smoke on the London Underground, Mike Goldwater spent years documenting chance moments of intimacy and humour across this iconic network of tunnels that live beneath the capital. The pictures taken between 1970 and 1980 tenderly capture special moments: the kisses goodbye, the buskers, the Friday night revellers, a man cradling a cat, and the commuters deep in thought and desperate to get home. We also see old ticket booths (before Travelcards existed), old school carriages, retro film posters and bell flares.
by Mike Goldwater
Moorgate 1973.
Baker Street 1979.
Holborn 1978.
Kings Cross 1972.
Northern Line 1974.
Northern Line 1975.
Oxford Circus 1978.
Oxford Circus 1979.
Piccadilly Circus 1978.
Tottenham Court Road 1977.
Wembley Park 1979.
Westbourne Park 1979.
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