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September 2019 issue
 Blue Alabama
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
Alabama, the place in these pages, my home, is not exotic. But it is the subject of endless fascination. Sometimes Alabama is a punchline, or a word used to provoke horror. I have seen pages of words and pictures filled with my birth state, an abundant canvas for the American imagination, many times—the work of artists and poets, writers and intellectuals. This prolificity is, at least in part, because Alabama is the imagined grounds for our national shame, a heady mix of poverty and violence: guns, lynching, beatings, and, most of all, racism. Slavery! Alabama might be the true heartland of America after all. Extract from Preface by Imani Perry
by Andrew Moore
Pearlie’s black house.
Pearlie and her pets
Mr Alvin Stone at his store
Purple Bowl
Girl in Green
Garden of the two headed priest
Chilly’s Ice Cool Band
Butch Anthony at his drive through museum
Reverend Lyles
Grounds of Snow Hill Institute
Betty and her Shoe Museum
63-Eliza Bonner and her brother Cornell Jenkins at mommas old hous
Eliza Bonner and her brother Cornell Jenkins at momma’s old house
Entryway at Broken Arrow
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