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November 2019 issue
 Save the Beach: a horror story
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Teignmouth, Devon. When the residents of a seaside resort town, dubbed “The Gem of South Devon” discover that they are about to lose no less than 1.8km of their famous red sands to a Goliath, Network Rail, what do they do? They start up an environmental action force, that’s what. Here local residents explain why, in an age when we are trying to preserve our environment not destroy it, they are determined to stop Network Rail from realigning the railway line from Teignmouth to Holcombe, Devon with the result of dumping concrete and boulders across their beach for 1.8km: a plan they believe is only being offered up so as not to temporarily interrupt the train service.
Have a look at Network Rail’s plans here.
Photo: Clare Fairburn. Sept 2019, very early in the morning.  “There are not enough words to describe this beautiful place.”
Photo: Kathy Saunders. Grand-daughters
Photo: Maria Hiscoe.  “I've walked the beach my entire life.”
Photo: Sarah Gedye. Sunday evening.
Photo: Caroline Thornton. More childhood memories for today's grandchildren.
Photo: Sarah Gates. The beach is flanked by a beautiful sea wall, designed and built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel in the mid 19th century. At Sprey Point, old railway buildings still remain.
Photo: Loz Cave. “We regularly travel 100 miles to visit Teignmouth and we love this beach and iconic sea wall.”
Photo: Paul Blythe. Surfers enjoy this stretch of beach.
Photo: Maria Baker. “My parents playground, my playground, my children's playground and their children's playground.”
Photo: Sarah Clark. Walkers enjoy Brunel’s sea wall.
Photo: Alice Bird. “It would be devastating for Teignmouth to lose one of it’s biggest assets - and all so that Network Rail doesn’t have to temporarily disrupt its service. How in this day and age, of environmental concern, can this be allowed to happen? It’s simply horrifying!”
Photo: Clare Fairburn. “Daisy and I love this walk.” Sept 2019, early morning.
Photo: Sarah Gedye. “Not only are we facing the possibility of losing our beach, but also the historic sea wall built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel.”
Photo: Katy Main.
Photo: Damian Bird. “Why would such a perfect human habitat, that is so vital to our physical and mental well-being, be sacrificed so as not to temporarily inconvenience commuters? What do I say to my children when their beach and their rockpools have been buried under concrete and boulders?”
Photo: Sarah Clark. Generations of residents and holiday makers have played in Teignmouth’s rockpools.
If you would like to help Save the Beach for future generations: Save Teignmouth Beach on Facebook
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Video by Mike Pulson (Youtube)