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February 2020 issue
Doug’s Gym
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Norm Diamond photographed the last months of a dilapidated, yet beautiful old gym in Dallas, Texas. These stark images could have come from another era. They evoke themes of memory and loss. No modern gym looks like this. The owner, Doug Eidd, a grizzled 87-year-old, opened the gym in 1962. He could have emerged from a time capsule as well. His members did not care that the gym was run down or that Doug smoked cigars most of the day. They respected his expertise and loved the casual atmosphere he created. Although Doug was still fit, he did not resemble the muscle- bound figure of his youth. He knew that time would one day engulf him and the gym. This came to pass in the spring of 2018 when he was forced to close the gym on short notice. Diamond stayed to photograph the removal of the equipment as Doug’s Gym drifted into memory
by Norm Diamond
Doug at his Desk © Norm Diamond
Sign No. 1. © Norm Diamond
Spotting Sauro © Norm Diamond
Kim Jumping Rope © Norm Diamond
Untitled © Norm Diamond
Duct Tape Chair © Norm Diamond
Hanging Gloves © Norm Diamond
West Wall 1 © Norm Diamond
Jeremy, Boxing Coach © Norm Diamond
West Wall 2 © Norm Diamond
Toledo Scale © Norm Diamond
Maureen © Norm Diamond
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