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March/April 2023 issue
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Stone & CandleArmenian Monasteries
by Ted & Nune
Stone and Candle is a long-term photographic project examining the ancient monasteries of Armenia. The publication covers forty monastic structures, distributed over the whole of the country, and several in the disputed territory of Artsakh, with the majority dating from the 4th century to 13th century. These monasteries, some of the earliest of the Christian world, were centers of education, where art and science flourished. They stand here as timeless monuments of faith, devoid of crowds, open to the winds, and silent.
“We fell in love on a hot summer day in 2010. Together in Yerevan, with the Golden Apricot Festival as backdrop, a series of seemingly insignificant, yet ultimately life-changing events changed us forever. Today, we are both diasporans returning to the land of ourpersonal and generational memories.The seeds of this book were planted long ago.” Excerpt rom the text Stone is Our Fortitude and Candle our Light by Ted & Nune
AKHTALA MONASTERY / Lori Province,10th –13th century © Ted & Nune
GOSHAVANK MONASTERY / Tavush Province,12th –13th century © Ted & Nune
KHOR VIRAP MONASTERY / Ararat Province, 7th –17th century © Ted & Nune
KHOR VIRAP MONASTERY / Ararat Province, 7th –17th century © Ted & Nune
GEGHARD MONASTERY/Kotayk Province, 4th-13th century © Ted & Nune
HAYRAVANK MONASTERY / Gegharkunik Province, 9th– 12th century © Ted & Nune
HOVHANNAVANK MONASTERY/Aragatsotn Province, 4th-13th century. © Ted & Nune
SEVANAVANK MONASTERY / Gegharkunik Province, 9th century © Ted & Nune
ARATES MONASTERY / Vayots Dzor Province, 9th–13th century © Ted & Nune
TATEV MONASTERY / Syunik Province, 9th –17th century © Ted & Nune
NORAVANK MONASTERY / Vayots Dzor Province,12th –14th century © Ted & Nune
GANDZASAR MONASTERY / Artsakh Province,13th ce © Ted & Nune
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