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February 2020 issue
Senior Love Triangle
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine. Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
Photographed in Los Angeles, Senior Love Triangle documents three senior citizens in a romantic conflict. Jeanie, age 81, and Adina, age 90, share William, age 84, as a partner and companion, often all spending time together. In his late 70s, Will formed a relationship with Adina. Then, Will moved into another retirement home where he fell in love with Jeanie. Since Will did not want to choose between Jeanie and Adina, they formed a trio. While pushing against sociocultural norms about senior citizens, the connection between Jeanie, Will and Adina also reveals ageless needs, anxieties and contradictions. Renowned documentary photographer Isadora Kosofsky met Jeanie, Will and Adina when she was 17, chronicling their moments of adventure, desire and loneliness with an empathetic gaze for years.
by Isadora Kosofsky
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Jeanie and Will kiss on the street in Los Angeles, California. © Isadora Kosofsky
Adina and Will sit next to each other on the bus in Los Angeles, California. © Isadora Kosofsky
Jeanie embraces Will, while they sit at the bus stop, as Adina stands beside them in East Hollywood.© Isadora Kosofsky
Will, Jeanie and Adina share a soda at a mini-mall in Los Angeles, California. © Isadora Kosofsky
Standing in her apartment at the retirement home, Jeanie prepares to meet Will and Adina. © Isadora Kosofsky
Adina, holding a bird's feather she found, sits beside Jeanie at the donut shop. © Isadora Kosofsky
Will's fist on the floor of his apartment. © Isadora Kosofsk
Jeanie rests her head on Will, as they recline on his bed. © Isadora Kosofsk
Jeanie sits separate from Adina and Will at the ice cream store. © Isadora Kosofsky
Will stands at the window of his apartment and looks at Jeanie who stands on the sidewalk below. © Isadora Kosofsky