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November/December 2022 issue
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Down by the Hudson
by Caleb Stein
Designed by R Rigg of Greater London Council Department of Architecture and Civic Design. Built 1966–71, unlisted.
Strawberry Vale Estate, East Finchley N2 9RE Designed by Bickerdike Allen Bramble Built 1978–79, unlisted
The Mall, BR1 1TS Designed by Owen Luder Partnership Built 1967–69, unlisted
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Wappinger Creek is a 41.7-mile-long creek that connects the waters of Thompson Pond to the mouth of the Hudson River in Dutchess County, New York. Carved by the creek’s path is a hidden Eden nestled in a small wooded area behind the Overlook Drive-In Theater on the outskirts of Poughkeepsie. Amongst the trees and muddy banks, residents congregate in and around this watering hole. Physical and social dissonance is forgone in this haven. The maple leaves rustle in the soft breeze, and rushed footsteps progress into a subsequent splash. Placid conversation fills the air, accompanying the slow trot of those wading in the water. Caleb Stein’s Down by the Hudson series is an ongoing ‘ode’ to the small town of Poughkeepsie, New York. Rendered in black-and-white, his photographs provide an intimate glimpse into the lives of Poughkeepsie’s residents amidst the current backdrop of de-industrialization and political tension in the U.S. The watering hole serves as a neutral zone, a side-step from the day-today turbulence of life. It is a communal ground that provides a place of recreation and refuge.
Bode and Owen Wrestling
Forest Sculpture
Fred and his Twin
Matthew and Oden
Sanjay & Sherika
Statue in Water
Three Boys & Tree
Three trees