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May 2019 issue
Flying Houses
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
by Laurent Chéhère
The Flying Houses are a surrealistic and poetic vision of old Paris, inspired by Jules Verne, Hayao Miyazaki, Moebius, Wim Wenders, Federico Fellini, Serge Gainsbourg, and more. The series raises diverse subjects like urbanism, architecture, cinema, pop culture, street art, and history. Employing traditional photography and digital manipulation, the series elevates architecture to a new level. The artist takes a variety of residential structures out of their defining neighbourhood backdrops. The images are photomontages of hundred of elements, captured and assembled afterward like a puzzle. Floating amidst the clouds, like kites, the houses tell about the life, the dreams, and the hopes of their inhabitants. “If they could tell us what they know, what they have seen and heard. If they could
tell us about the human comedy that played out there, the tears that flowed there, the laughs that broke out, the springtime, the gusts of wind, the scent of drying laundry, the lovers full of hope behind closed doors, the drafts, the slamming doors, the fleeting passions and illusions… if they could tell us all of that. It’s time to make them speak again, to make these buildings rise up from their rubble, to tear them from the weight of the ground and of the past, and to let them drift towards new horizons. It’s time to see them trail along once again with all their dreams, their hopes, their stories, and their memories.” –from the introduction by Marion Thiery
 THE GRAND ILLUSION © Laurent Chéhère
THE PETIT JOURNAL © Laurent Chéhère
A SPECIAL DAY © Laurent Chéhère
THE CIRCUS © Laurent Chéhère
 THE CARAVAN © Laurent Chéhère
THE LOWER DEPTHS  © Laurent Chéhère
 STILL LIFE / Nature Morte © Laurent Chéhère
THE LAST BARRICADE © Laurent Chéhère
PINK © Laurent Chéhère
THE VOYEUR  © Laurent Chéhère
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