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February 2018 issue
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
by Tiina Itkonen
Since 1995 Tiina Itkonen has travelled regularly to Greenland to photograph the polar landscape and its people. She has traveled more than 1500 kilometers along the west coast of Greenland by dogsled, fishing scow, sailboat, cargo ship, oil tanker, helicopter and small plane, and along the way spending time in small settlements and coming to know the Greenlandic people. Itkonen started to document the life of Inughuit (Polar Eskimos), one of the smallest and northernmost indigenous groups in the world in 1995. Between 2005–2011 she photographed polar landscapes along the west coast of Greenland using a panorama camera. Some of her landscape images are captured in her book Avannaa, published in 2014. Since 2017
she has been documenting the effects of climate change on the hunting communities of Greenland.
Home 5, Kuummiut, 2015.
Kuummiut, 2017.
Sermermiut 1, Ilulissat, 2007.
Siku 2, Uummannaq, 2007.
Nanoq 1, Alaska, 2015.
Two polar bear trousers and three towels, Savissivik, 2002.
Home  1, Savissivik, 2016.
Man 1, Savissivik, 2002.
Tumas Siorapaluk, 1998.
Masaitsiaq, Qeqertat, 1998.
Tumas, Ilannguaq and Aqpalersuarsuq, Siorapaluk, 2002.
The boys are practicing with a dog sled in Kuummiut, 2015.
Qasinngissat, Uummannaq, 2007.
Qaanaaq 1, 2005.
Qaanaaq graveyard, 2005.
Falling iceberg, Uummannaq, 2010.
Dawn, Savissivik, 2002.
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